Austistic basketball player inspires us all

Here in Kentucky we love our basketball. Did you hear how I called it “our” basketball? Like we own it or something?

Well, I’ve been a fan since my earliest memories. The other thing I love is positive news stories. This one contains both.

Jason Mcelwain a young man who has autism. He’s also a basketball player. What he was able to do should inspire us all towards being better people.

I dare you to watch this video and not be moved. Basketball team manager? I think he’s a hero.

Child battling cancer gets Wheaties cover

Daughter of a NFL player battling cancer gets Wheaties cover.

Daughter of a NFL player battling cancer, gets Wheaties cover.

Battling cancer is no joke. It’s good to see encouragement coming, especially to children, who’ve only just begun their journey.

The 5-year-old girl has faced ups and downs in her battle with pediatric cancer—always with a smile on her face. Still has shared all of Leah’s triumphs and setbacks on social media. Leah first captured our hearts last year when doctors diagnosed her with neuroblastoma, a rare cancer that usually affects children under 5 years old, giving her a 50-50 chance of survival.

I say, Wheaties should do this every month with a new child to root for!

Does Science Argue For or Against God?

Very clear and easy to watch explanation that even though there are a vast number of planets in our universe, given the minimum 50 criteria needed to support life the number of candidates is only in the thousands.

At least, that’s by today’s current level of understanding.

Just remember, back in the 1960s, scientists told us alien life was almost a certainty.

So, does science argue for or against God? Seems pretty clear that, as long as, scientists check their agenda at the door, the facts show beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a Creator.

The Universe Is Mathematically Precise

The Universe Is Mathematically Precise

The precision of the universe destroys the theory that it’s all a big accident. There’s meaning here. Which means there’s meaning to life.

No honest person can look around and see the immense complexity of our universe, that balances on the edge of a razor, allowing for all of life on Earth, and then say it all came about through chance.

This video is just one more example.

For more, read Mathematics and the Physical Universe to see more examples.

Are your favorite videogame characters on the list?

Collage of favorite videogame characters

The MightyMagikarp over at Game Informer has started an interesting series on videogame characters. Sure, we all have our favorites. Did yours make the list? Did MightyMagikarp rank yours too high or two low?

For now, we just have #30 through #21 of his favorite protagonists (big word for leading character) as he’s gonna milk this for clickshare but he does a nice job of it. These are characters with character.

Check for yourself!

» My Top 30 Favorite Gaming Protagonists (#30-21)

YoungLife Event “Golf and Guns” on June 5th

Screen shot of the YoungLife GOLF & GUNS event page
Golf & Guns at Quail Chase Golf Club and Jefferson Gun Club

Just when you thought you’ve seen everything *boom* something new hits town.

This year, YoungLife is doing a Golf and Guns even that is calling out to all you marksmen/hackers. I’m talking to you Louisville!

From their site:

What: Unique event where teams of 2 compete together in a round of golf and a round of sporting clays. Scores from both events are combined for an overall winner.

So it’s a team competition huh? Sounds interesting! Learn more on their event page and tell your friends. You may not get a chance to do something like this ever again!

Tribute and Warning

You are stronger than you think you are.

A friend of mine took his own life today.

My heart is heavy. He had faith in God and felt that this world was just too much… and he wanted to be with his perfect Father.

But you know what else? I feel like he believed some of the lies that were spoken to him. The father of lies doesn’t play fair… and tragically, we all believe some of his best:

  • You’ll never amount to anything.
  • How could anyone truly love you with all that you’ve done?
  • It will always be like this.

I felt like God could have written an amazing story with my friend’s life despite all the pain and struggle he was facing.

So how do we respond?

A couple thoughts I offer:

1. You are stronger than you think.
2. 1 John 4:4

If you ever need someone to talk to you, I am here for you friend.

In memory of my friend FOUND.

Evil is the Absence of Good

When I first watched this video I felt a certain “ring” of truth but that was simply to the message it contained. The idea that it was Albert Einstein, who certainly had the aptitude to thwart a professors shallow claims, was the part created by wishful thinking.

What I’ve read about Einstein goes along with Snopes account that this encounter never really happened. (Not sure why Snopes title this page Malice of Absence.)

But whether Einstein or someone else came up with these observations doesn’t change integral premise.

Is evil solely the absence of good?

There’s a great deal of merit to the concept and it fits so nicely alongside the aforementioned conceits. I feel the need to give it more thought, or perhaps God Himself will bless me with greater wisdom.

Jack White & the Church

Photo of Jack White
Whatever you say about Jack White, you can’t see he doesn’t chart his own course.

Interesting blog post called What Jack White Can Teach the Church. Coming from someone inside a church, I tend to agree. (via Thunderstruck)

My favorite part:

Jack White, however, shows that to give up on the tradition would be every bit the mistake it would be to go chasing after whatever the culture tells us they want.

Which consistently brings me back to this wise axiom from Bob Russell, “Maintain the message, modify the method.”

Keep on, keepin’ on.