Evil is the Absence of Good

When I first watched this video I felt a certain “ring” of truth but that was simply to the message it contained. The idea that it was Albert Einstein, who certainly had the aptitude to thwart a professors shallow claims, was the part created by wishful thinking.

What I’ve read about Einstein goes along with Snopes account that this encounter never really happened. (Not sure why Snopes title this page Malice of Absence.)

But whether Einstein or someone else came up with these observations doesn’t change integral premise.

Is evil solely the absence of good?

There’s a great deal of merit to the concept and it fits so nicely alongside the aforementioned conceits. I feel the need to give it more thought, or perhaps God Himself will bless me with greater wisdom.

Jack White & the Church

Photo of Jack White
Whatever you say about Jack White, you can’t see he doesn’t chart his own course.

Interesting blog post called What Jack White Can Teach the Church. Coming from someone inside a church, I tend to agree. (via Thunderstruck)

My favorite part:

Jack White, however, shows that to give up on the tradition would be every bit the mistake it would be to go chasing after whatever the culture tells us they want.

Which consistently brings me back to this wise axiom from Bob Russell, “Maintain the message, modify the method.”

Keep on, keepin’ on.

The History of Quake

Quake was the game that started it all! The first truly competitive multi-player, first-person video game was Quake.

And here’s the video that tells the story, the History of Quake.

There are so many games now that learned a lot from what id created, first with Doom and then improved with Quake. Without it, there wouldn’t likely be any Call of Duty, Halo or the rest. Enjoy!

Daredevil Geoff Gulevich Does Extreme Ride Down a Mountain

With the quality (and size) of video cameras these days, you really feel like you’re right there on the bike!

And here’s what I know. Geoff Gulevich is a crazy person!

Extreme does not begin to describe what Geoff does when he takes his bike down a narrow mountain ridge. You hear him yell, “I hate the wind!” My goodness.

Big Shot Aaron Leads Kentucky in the ’14 Final Four!

As big a shot as you can imagine, Aaron Harrison downs it to send the Wildcats to the 2014 Final Four.

Big time play by so many Cats, but especially Aaron Harrison, after being in foul trouble and scoreless during the 1st half, Aaron doesn’t let it get him down, bounces back. 4-6 on 3’s for the 2nd half… Wow!

Kentucky 75 Michigan 72

Basketball Chokers Index Updated for 2014

2014 Edition of the Chokers Index

Based on my weighting system, the worse the loss, the higher the points added to their Chokers Index.

Here are the biggest chokers from 2013.

Georgetown -13
Oklahoma St. -7
Wisconsin -7
Gonzaga -6.72
Notre Dame -3
Ohio St -2
Kansas -2.01
Pittsburgh -1
Florida -0.5

Now you know. Pick UCLA at your own peril.

Predicting the Future Isn’t As Easy As You Might Think

Predicting the future isn’t easy! What do you think?

I guess on the one hand, it’s horrible difficult to predict the future with any kind of accuracy. But on the other, it’s fairly simple to find today’s most popular phenomenon and then go back to locate someone who said it couldn’t be done.

Don’t you think?

When you go about predicting the future, like the infamous Nostradamus, he’s likely batting a miserable percentage. It’s not easy folks.

I mean, here’s a prediction of his:

“After there is great trouble among mankind, a greater one is prepared. The great mover of the universe will renew time, rain, blood, thirst, famine, steel weapons and disease. In the heavens, a fire seen”

What does that even mean?

Predicting the Future For Real

For more fun with predicting the future, head over to Mashable and their Surprisingly Accurate Vintage Predictions of the Future.

Or even better, find what the Author of Life hid in Old Testament prophecies, which have come true. Here are a few of the trickier predictions:

  • Messiah would be born of a virgin.
  • Messiah would be crucified with criminals. (Crucifixion wasn’t invented yet.)
  • Soldiers would gamble for Messiah’s garments.
  • Messiah’s bones would not be broken.

For the rest, visit Prophecies Jesus Fulfilled over on About.com.

Steep Extreme Skiing Videos: Mission Steeps

Click on the image above to visit Vimeo where the Mission Steeps movie can be played. They don’t allow us to embed it, which makes no sense.

Beautifully done video follows Xavier de Le Rue and Sam Anthamatten around the globe (Switzerland, France, Alaska) as they conquer some of the steepest extreme skiing on planet Earth.

Heart-wrenching in it’s visual perfection: >Mission Steeps.

I wish I could ski far more than I actually get to. Enjoy!