Dojo Info 11/13/08

  1. Watch 15 Minutes of Left 4 Dead
    Man! This game is going to be simply frightening!
  2. Harmonix: Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour Not Competing
    What kind(s) of drugs is Mr. Teasdale taking? This is a Marketing 101 prime example of products competing, uh, yeah.
  3. Your 20 Free Rock Band Songs *Are* Coming, Eventually
    They better, or they’ll suffer the wrath of (dramatic music) “Paladin!!” Or, maybe they’ll just take their own sweet time with it. Update: They’re here! Phooey on me for taking too long to post this Dojo Info.
  4. Pollsters Inflated Obama Lead
    Are polls inaccurate? Of course. Are they purposefully misleading? It wouldn’t surprise me.
  5. Picking up where an angel left off
    People like Debbie O’Daniels are heroes; not self-absorbed, teenage pop stars. Where did we lose our sense of goodness? If anyone finds it, share it with the rest of us.
  6. Final Chapter For Circuit City?
    You can only ignore good customer service for so long. Some years back I had to complain to the store manager about the poor service I received and their response was so pitiful, I rarely gave them any business after that. Wow. I hope capitalism doesn’t completely disappear given our trend towards socialism.
  7. Democratic legislators ask state Supreme Court to void Prop. 8
    Right. And after this fails to reverse the will of the people the gay lobby will turn to their friends in the Courts. It matters not what our democracy determines, only what they want… which is really strange when you see the data that shows their relationships are far more ‘short-term’ than hetero relationships. I guess it’s not marriage they want after all but an attempt to have their behavior officially stamped as legitimate by society.
  8. The 50 Best Rock & Roll Video Games of All Time
    Rolling Stone falls further into irrelevancy with this list. *yawn*

Main Polls Overinflate Obama Lead

Are polls inaccurate? Of course. Are they purposefully misleading? It wouldn’t surprise me. Here’s some after election data for you: Pollsters Inflated Obama Lead.

As of noon Wednesday, Obama had won 63 million votes — 52 percent of the vote — compared with McCain’s 46 percent and 55.8 million. This amounts to a 6-point difference between the two candidates.

Right. We know that already. So, which polls are the best?

Two polls emerged as the most accurate: The Pew Research and Rasmussen Reports, which showed the race precisely at 52 percent to 46 percent.

Ahh… the ones that CBS, ABC and the rest regularly leave out. I see.

But poll predictions of Gallup, Reuters/Zogby, ABC/Washington Post, and CBS all had Obama winning by between 9 and 11 points.

So were they just poor pollsters are is there some underlying deceit in those organizations?

BTW, for those who claim that Fox is the polar opposite of the mainstream media, they had Obama winning by 7 points. Not a single poll had Obama winning by less than 5 points.