Dojo Info 12/4/09

  1. Salvation Army red kettles now accept credit cards
    Not sure how many people do this but I think the SA is a great charity! My bro used to ring for them back in college.
  2. Soup Kitchen Chef Raises the Standard of Giving
    Truly exemplifying the servants heart.
  3. Could cheap algae oil power our energy future?
    Interesting idea but we’re likely a decade away.
  4. NBA Scout – Potential for UK Players and Other Musings
    Apparently Wall, Cousins, Patterson, Orton and Bledsoe all have NBA futures. [registered users only – free]
  5. Paper-thin batteries made from algae
    Wow. Taking something that’s a negative and turning it into a positive would be incredible. The human mind can make logic leaps that are really impressive.