Welcome to the Dojo 11/22/10

From end to end, the newly discovered gamma-ray bubbles extend 50,000 light-years, or roughly half of the Milky Way’s diameter.
  1. Astronomers find giant, previously unseen structure in our galaxy
    This just proves that there is SO much we still don’t despite despite our scientist’s arrogance.
  2. Computer Trouble Isn’t Always What You Think It Is
    It’s healthy for humans to read these trouble cases from time to time in case some dire event transpires to rob your PC of its health.
  3. Netflix offers $8 streaming-only option
    It won’t be long now…
  4. Touchy-Feely Ball Players Win More
    Humans are weird.
  5. Homeless Man Finds and Returns Cash
    Awesome, Dave Talley, awesome!

Dojo Info 8/22/10

Mafia Wars may be the milestone for how social interaction meshes with online gaming
  1. Raising the stakes in social gaming
    We’ll see many great innovations in this area in the coming years simply because the options are limitless.
  2. Netflix delights studios with big checks
    Down with Blockbuster (monopoly) and up with Netflix (innovation)! [That is…until Netflix gets too big and they start to monopolize things, then reverse it.]
  3. Bull leaps into stands in Spain
    Look, I’m always for people over animals but sometimes people behave, as our dishonest President has said, “stupidly” and get what they deserve. Bull fighting is archaic and ridiculous.
  4. The Luddites may actually be power brokers
    Find a few examples on an controversial but illogical view and it’s a story? I guess that’s just how MSNBC rolls. In the immortal words of Chad Ochocinco, “Child please.”
  5. 40 Billionaires Pledge to Give Away Half of Wealth
    For as much as the liberal mindset is to bash the wealthy, I have to give a standing ovation for members of their own agreeing to give away so much. Not know whether they’ve follow through, I still want to believe they will.

Dojo Info 10/30/08

  1. CatholicVote.com Video
    Watch this video then tell all your friends!
  2. How McCain Can Pull a Truman
    Political strategist, Dick Morris, outlines 3 ways McCain could pull ahead of Obama in the final week. Interesting stuff.
  3. Kutless is all game with Rock Band 2 and hit tour
    “The Feeling” isn’t my favorite song but it’s good to have more Christian music into RB.
  4. ‘Doom’ creator wins first stage of lunar challenge
    We all knew Carmack was smart but “Wow!” this is just crazy.
  5. NXE Impressions: Netflix Set Up & Streaming
    Stream Netflix “watch now” movies to your Xbox… instantly! Well, you do need Gold Status on Xbox Live and a few minutes. But it’s progress!