Welcome to the Dojo 10/22/10

For 2001’s “Monsters, Inc.,” Tia Kratter–with maquette by Jerome Ranft–created “Sullivan Fur Pattern Studies,” depicting several possible colors for the fur of Sully.
  1. The art behind Pixar’s long run of hits
    If there’s a sure thing in Holllywood (besides self-centered egos) it’s Pixar. Stellar!
  2. Microsoft Introduces (and Pins Its Hopes on) Windows Phone 7
    I know Microsoft is a big deal and everything but when was the last time ANYTHING they made impressed you?
  3. Video Captures Moment the Drill Broke Through to Rescue Miners
    The world needs more heart-warming stories like these.
  4. Research discovers how the deaf have super vision
    Not only is the human brain powerful… it’s adaptive. Wow. God must be *really* smart.
  5. Love Takes Up Where Pain Leaves Off, Brain Study Shows
    Of course it does. Duh.