Dojo Info 1/27/09

  1. Pepsi Promoting Gay Lifestyle in New Ads
    Too many great choices for beverages, Pepsi is now off my shopping list.
  2. What Data Crunchers Did for Obama
    Interesting piece in BusinessWeek. The Dems have done far more with new tech than the Republicans, that’s for certain.
  3. Coach says team played with honor
    Girl’s high school team beats another 100-0. Ouch! Not having seen the game it’s tough to see whether the coach was wrong in letting the score become so amazingly unbelievably catastrophically lopsided or whether the Dallas Academy girls team should disband and immediately start counseling sessions.
  4. Most underrated part of inauguration
    Chuck Norris breaks down the significance of Rick Warren’s prayer at Obama’s inauguration. And here I thought Chuck was all brawn no brains.
  5. Some UK records won’t be broken
    Here’s #1: “I do not think UK — nor anyone else in major college basketball — will ever again match the 129-game home-court winning streak that Adolph Rupp’s Cats compiled from Jan. 2, 1943 to Jan. 8, 1955.”