Dojo Info 9/10/09

  1. The Death Book for Veterans
    So one way the Obama Administration believes it can solve the healthcare process is by “encouraging” veterans to sign a Do Not Resuscitate order. Funny. Veterans are typically Conservative voters, right? Hmm….
  2. Get a new PlayStation 3 Slim for $199.99
    Holy price drops Batman!
  3. T-Mobile unveils pay-as-you-go Android phone
    Android is starting to draw me in. How much longer can I hold out before punching my ticket?
  4. Hands on with The Beatles: Rock Band
    As much as I love RB, I never could get into the Beatles. To me, they’re the most overrated band of all time.
  5. Wozniacki to meet Wickmayer in semis
    Melanie Oudin went farther than anyone thought. I hope this means the U.S. Women will be getting another title contender.