So Who's Missing from the Best 100 Video Games of All Time? I'll Tell You!

For it’s time, Ultima Underworld was beyond belief It’s hard to fathom now but it wasn’t long after Zork and top down grid games. Here you were actually walking in a 3D world!

So Time magazine comes out with their list of All-TIME 100 Video Games. You’ve heard of Time, right? The magazine that will soon be a relic and something only old people talk about, sorta like CDs, home phones and watches (all things replaced by your standard smart phone).

Looking through their list, it’s not bad.

Some are a stretch, added merely for the games popularity. Others a reach in the other direction because the game has a feature or theme was outstanding while the game itself, fell flat.

They aren’t ranked, which is a good thing, because the nerd-fight that would ensue might begin Armageddon.

But after pouring over their list, I felt compelled to share some video games that *definitely* should have made the list. And few more that… might deserve honorable mention.

Deserve Inclusion in Best 100 Video Games of All Time

  • Ultima Underworld: First came Wizardry and I suddenly decided I needed to buy a computer… for games. When, the Ultima games came up I actually did! But when Ultima Underworld was released, it was like I died and went to heaven.
    (Time’s list include Ultima IV, which was a great game, but if I could only pick one from the series, the immersion found in Ultima Underworld wins easily.)
  • System Shock & System Shock 2: Two extremely strong games, especially for those that like sci-fi. Amazingly well written and one of the only games that I later re-installed to play again.
  • X-Com: The original was addictive as crack and innovative too. Loved that game. Spawned a whole series too.
  • Left 4 Dead: The 4v4 versus mode on this game is unlike any I’ve seen. Left 4 Dead 2 is even better!
  • Miner 2049er: Sure it borrowed heavily from Donkey Kong but it was better! Way more maps, starting off easy then growing to almost humanly impossible. When I finally beat that game, it was a golden moment that forever changed the course of human history. Plus it was fun.

Honorable Mention for Best 100 Video Games of All Time

  • Solomon’s Key: Challenging puzzle game that kept you coming back for more!
  • Bionic Commando: Wonderful new twist on the platform jumper.
  • NHL Hitz 2002: Hours and hours of competitive, button smashing fun with tons of customization. “Needlenose!”
  • Shamus: For the Atari 8-bit back in the day. I still have my printed maps in the vault!
  • Soltice: Released in 1990 it was pretty innovative with the 3-dimensional trapfest.
  • Half-Life: Again, they Half-Life 2 but the I’d give the nod to Half-Life for it’s innovation, unheard of in 1998.
  • Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: They included The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion so it’s hard to complain about Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind being left off but in some ways, it’s the better game.
  • F.E.A.R.: The cinematics paired with precise sound made this a strong game experience. However way too short.

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