John Wall, Before He Becomes Legend

John Wall wasn’t always the superstar he is today. Thursday night he’ll be the NBA’s #1 draft pick selected by the Washington Wizards. But LeBron, Kobe and others had much larger followings and hype at younger ages. They, however, didn’t have to deal with what John had to deal with.

Eric Prisbell writes a piece on Wall’s early life that shows all the world what John went through coming up. But what might be more noteworthy than the story, is the fact that Mr. Prisbell put his own career and press he’d get from the story ahead of the feelings of the person he was covering.

It wasn’t the writers job to uncover all the details behind Wall’s father’s time in prison and then relay them to John for the first time after John’s own Mother never relayed those facts to John. Nor did John attempt to find them out himself.

I think that’s selfish and fairly typical of today’s journalists who put their own agenda ahead of what’s best for our nation’s people.

The Great Wall of Kentucky

I’ve never seen a better Freshman basketball player in my life. John Wall is astounding. Check this:

Consider that Wall has played eight games and scored key points in the final minute to help win four of them. Some great college players will go entire careers without doing that. But Wall has already hit a game-winning jumper to beat Miami of Ohio, hit a pull-up jumper followed by free throws with 0.5 seconds remaining to force overtime in an eventual victory against Stanford, made two free throws with 4.3 seconds remaining to secure a win over North Carolina, and converted an I-can’t-believe-he-just-made-that three-point play with 30.8 seconds remaining to beat UConn.

If it sounds amazing, that’s because it is amazing.

If he sounds awesome, that’s because he is awesome.

What he’s doing would be incredible if he were a Senior but the guy has played just 8 games! I’m blown away.

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