Dojo Info 8/31/09

  1. Microsoft drops price of Xbox 360 Elite, kills Pro
    This might be timely given that ours didn’t turn on yesterday… then it did. Early warning system?
  2. What if I were Rick Pitino’s pastor?
    Very thoughtful and well-written response by Paster Prather.
  3. Mr Anonymous – Some Gal A Move
    Mr Anonymous is jeep who’s great but has gone a bit reggae.
  4. China’s BYD to bring electric cars to U.S. in 2010
    That’s really going to help our trade deficit. </sarcasm>
  5. Debate Shows How Little Obama Understands
    People who live their working lives in the government sector think that government is always the answer. People who live their lives working in the private sector think that the private sector holds the answer. Who’s impartial opinion can we believe? I feel pretty good about John Stossel.