Welcome to the Dojo 7/21/11

Take her to the rack Gertrude!
  1. Grannies Practice for Basketball Tournament
    Gam Gam gots game…. lookout!
  2. New app allows your unborn child to choose his/her name
    Screw parameters! Babies should have free reign to choose names like, “Gurglegorp” or “Fsizerbak”.
  3. The Costs of Compulsory Education
    I’m down. Indoctrination is a dish best served in the guise of a gift.
  4. Why WSJ Mobile App Gets ** Customer Reviews
    Sometimes usability isn’t as easy as you might think. Big boys WSJ failed.
  5. This is why your website sucks
    He’s right, most Web sites do suck because people build them for too many competing causes, then make them worse by either not updating to tacking things on in ridiculous places. Argh!