Facebook's Dark Design on Power?

The One Ring to Rule Them

Facebook announces “Places” that allows a single online check-in. An idea already put forth by other parties without the weight to make it instantly credible.

In short, Facebook not only wants to be the digital sovereignty toward which all other geolocation apps direct their figurative roads, it also wants to be the Web’s own omniscient historian. [link]

Are you frightened of their power?

Dojo Info 7/2/09

  1. RATT begins recording guitars
    Bet you didn’t see that link coming.
  2. ‘Spam king’ could face criminal charges in Facebook case
    Most people consider white collar crime as far less worthy of punishment than other crime, and rightly so, but that doesn’t mean these idiots should skate. I hope the judge follows the letter of the law. Good for Facebook going after this loser.
  3. Does Microsoft’s Bing have Google running scared?
    Anything Microsoft does in this pace concerns Google but “running scared”? Seriously CNET?!? Did think you were the sensationalist type.
  4. Forrester: Tech recovery to start in fourth quarter
    Is this the beginning of the turnaround?
  5. Video: Loaded: A PSP phone?
    That’d be kinda cool… I guess.

Dojo Info 2/25/09

  1. Daring to dream – Tiny Elliott County takes on the big boys in Kentucky’s one-division basketball tourney
    Great story about the small town team succeeding against the odds. Just goes to show how big basketball is here in the state of Kentucky. Did you know that “Sweet Sixteen” is a registered trademark of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association so anytime it’s used by an outside source *cough* *CBS* *cough* they receive a royalty?
  2. Which state shows the most Basketball love?
    Kentucky #1, Kansas, North Carolina Follow. But of course! Nobody loves basketball more than we do!
  3. Gadgets that broke our hearts
    It’s just as important to know the bad along as the good.
  4. Is Facebook evil?
    Maybe not all of Facebook but certainly the lawyers who are trying to take the rights to our content. If you post content on Facebook, you might want to follow this story.
  5. “Rock Star: INXS” Singer Says He’s Homeless and Bandless
    Any of you remember back when I was blogging Rock Star: INXS? It’s been four years almost. Wow. Anyway, rock stardom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Apparently, the contest winner J.D. Fortune followed in footsteps of deceased, former frontman, Michael Hutchinson’s shoes by becoming addicted to cocaine. So the band dropped him after the tour was over. Win some, lose some. I feel bad for the guy but come on… did any of you NOT see this coming?