Aurasma Brings Digital Content to the Real World

Make a note that today is the first time you ever saw this technology in action. Astounding! More than that… it’s mind-bending!

Here’s a better definition: “Called Aurasmsa, it works with smart phone and tablets to, in real time, turn static images or even objects into videos, games and interactive experiences. Aim your phone at a building and see a video about that building. Aim it at a picture in a newspaper and launch an interactive experience.”

Flying Cars on the Horizon

Flying cars are coming! Flying cars are coming! Just ask the Department of Defense!

The Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) has cleared the Transformer (TX) program for takeoff. If it flies, by 2015 U.S. soldiers will be able to ride into battle aboard a four-person flying car that can cruise in the air like an airplane, drive on the ground like an SUV, rove 250 miles on one tank of fuel and not require a runway to get airborne.

Check out these specs!

Technologies that DARPA told companies it was interested in seeing incorporated in their proposals include hybrid electric drive, advanced batteries, adaptive wing structures, ducted fan propulsion systems, advanced lightweight heavy fuel engines, lightweight materials and advanced sensors.