Greatest of All Time, Not Michael Jordan?!?

Greatest of All Time NBA

Greatest of all time? With LeBron on the rise, this discussion is a weekly debate on ESPN and just about everywhere else.

Just finished reading a great piece by Ben Hinson. Stat geek (like myself) Hinson broke down all the stats of the great NBA players of all time to see if Michael Jordan really was the best. According to the numbers, it wasn’t MJ.

So who is the Greatest of All Time? I won’t spoil it because it’s a must read for all hard-core NBA fans.

The G.O.A.T: Who is the Best Basketball Player of all Time (mid 70s — early 00s)?

The 316 Game and Tim Tebow

Photo of Tim Tebow
The first time that Tim Tebow changed the verse on his eye black to John 3:16 this happened.

I had never heard about The 316 Game until Tim Tebow came and spoke at our church. Could this possibly be a coincidence?

From wikipedia:

1. Denver lost their last 3 games, finishing 8-8 (16) leading up to the 3:16 game.
2. After the game media sources noted Tebow’s passing yards (316),
3. and yards per completion (31.6) evoked the Bible’s John 3:16.
4. The only interception of the game was thrown by Ben Roethlisberger on 3rd down and 16.
5. Denver’s time of possession was 31 minutes 6 second.
6. The Nielsen ratings for the game also peaked at 31.6.
7. John 3:16 was the top search item on Google the next morning.

God is most certainly real and He sent us another message.

Austistic basketball player inspires us all

Here in Kentucky we love our basketball. Did you hear how I called it “our” basketball? Like we own it or something?

Well, I’ve been a fan since my earliest memories. The other thing I love is positive news stories. This one contains both.

Jason Mcelwain a young man who has autism. He’s also a basketball player. What he was able to do should inspire us all towards being better people.

I dare you to watch this video and not be moved. Basketball team manager? I think he’s a hero.

YoungLife Event "Golf and Guns" on June 5th

Screen shot of the YoungLife GOLF & GUNS event page
Golf & Guns at Quail Chase Golf Club and Jefferson Gun Club

Just when you thought you’ve seen everything *boom* something new hits town.

This year, YoungLife is doing a Golf and Guns even that is calling out to all you marksmen/hackers. I’m talking to you Louisville!

From their site:

What: Unique event where teams of 2 compete together in a round of golf and a round of sporting clays. Scores from both events are combined for an overall winner.

So it’s a team competition huh? Sounds interesting! Learn more on their event page and tell your friends. You may not get a chance to do something like this ever again!

Daredevil Geoff Gulevich Does Extreme Ride Down a Mountain

With the quality (and size) of video cameras these days, you really feel like you’re right there on the bike!

And here’s what I know. Geoff Gulevich is a crazy person!

Extreme does not begin to describe what Geoff does when he takes his bike down a narrow mountain ridge. You hear him yell, “I hate the wind!” My goodness.

Big Shot Aaron Leads Kentucky in the '14 Final Four!

As big a shot as you can imagine, Aaron Harrison downs it to send the Wildcats to the 2014 Final Four.

Big time play by so many Cats, but especially Aaron Harrison, after being in foul trouble and scoreless during the 1st half, Aaron doesn’t let it get him down, bounces back. 4-6 on 3’s for the 2nd half… Wow!

Kentucky 75 Michigan 72

Basketball Chokers Index Updated for 2014

2014 Edition of the Chokers Index

Based on my weighting system, the worse the loss, the higher the points added to their Chokers Index.

Here are the biggest chokers from 2013.

Georgetown -13
Oklahoma St. -7
Wisconsin -7
Gonzaga -6.72
Notre Dame -3
Ohio St -2
Kansas -2.01
Pittsburgh -1
Florida -0.5

Now you know. Pick UCLA at your own peril.

Steep Extreme Skiing Videos: Mission Steeps

Click on the image above to visit Vimeo where the Mission Steeps movie can be played. They don’t allow us to embed it, which makes no sense.

Beautifully done video follows Xavier de Le Rue and Sam Anthamatten around the globe (Switzerland, France, Alaska) as they conquer some of the steepest extreme skiing on planet Earth.

Heart-wrenching in it’s visual perfection: >Mission Steeps.

I wish I could ski far more than I actually get to. Enjoy!