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Where does truth come from?

Tribute and Warning

You are stronger than you think you are.

A friend of mine took his own life today.

My heart is heavy. He had faith in God and felt that this world was just too much… and he wanted to be with his perfect Father.

But you know what else? I feel like he believed some of the lies that were spoken to him. The father of lies doesn’t play fair… and tragically, we all believe some of his best:

  • You’ll never amount to anything.
  • How could anyone truly love you with all that you’ve done?
  • It will always be like this.

I felt like God could have written an amazing story with my friend’s life despite all the pain and struggle he was facing.

So how do we respond?

A couple thoughts I offer:

1. You are stronger than you think.
2. 1 John 4:4

If you ever need someone to talk to you, I am here for you friend.

In memory of my friend FOUND.

Predicting the Future Isn’t As Easy As You Might Think

Predicting the future isn’t easy! What do you think?

I guess on the one hand, it’s horrible difficult to predict the future with any kind of accuracy. But on the other, it’s fairly simple to find today’s most popular phenomenon and then go back to locate someone who said it couldn’t be done.

Don’t you think?

When you go about predicting the future, like the infamous Nostradamus, he’s likely batting a miserable percentage. It’s not easy folks.

I mean, here’s a prediction of his:

“After there is great trouble among mankind, a greater one is prepared. The great mover of the universe will renew time, rain, blood, thirst, famine, steel weapons and disease. In the heavens, a fire seen”

What does that even mean?

Predicting the Future For Real

For more fun with predicting the future, head over to Mashable and their Surprisingly Accurate Vintage Predictions of the Future.

Or even better, find what the Author of Life hid in Old Testament prophecies, which have come true. Here are a few of the trickier predictions:

  • Messiah would be born of a virgin.
  • Messiah would be crucified with criminals. (Crucifixion wasn’t invented yet.)
  • Soldiers would gamble for Messiah’s garments.
  • Messiah’s bones would not be broken.

For the rest, visit Prophecies Jesus Fulfilled over on

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Would Be Disappointed with Where Our Country Is Today

It’s important to remember what was most important to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the grand scheme of things.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is on Monday, but today is his birthday.

I think too many people forget that his driving purpose was for more than just equal rights, it was for people to know and share in the love of his Savior.

If you don’t read anything else today, please read this. I copied it from Promises to Keep: Daily Devotions for Men of Integrity

A middle-aged black man on skid row in Los Angeles recently paraded down the street with a sign that read, “I NEED ‘BREAD’ TO GET ME TO THE MILLION MAN MARCH IN D.C.” He held out a hat for donations to finance his trip the 1995 event. Drugs and alcohol had failed, maybe he could fill the void in his heart by going to the march. He, like thousands of others, felt empty but didn’t realize that you cannot find meaning in an ocean of lost souls.

This man’s father had been in Washington in 1963, gathered with whites and blacks at the Lincoln Memorial with demands to pass civil rights legislation. And those demands were met. But what effect did this victory have for him? His only son was steeped in hate and was imprisoned for “wasting” a rival gang member. Three generations in search of imperishable food and all remaining empty. His father may have been searching for the right things but did he go to the right place to find it?

Few will forget the surge of the crowd when Martin Luther King Jr., made his “I have a dream” speech, accompanied by while folk singers such as Joan Beaz and Bob Dylan. One writer described the event as “in keeping with King’s color-blind vision of the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners sitting together at the table of brotherhood.” Even today I know few people who can’t sit through a recording of that same speech without being captured by the beauty of the vision of a unified country. King’s legacy will remain with us, but how many neighborhoods have become brotherhoods? Is this nation closer to judging people by the content of their character? The work has been done in the House of Representatives and the Senate of this great nation, but we have forgotten the greater work that must be done at the altar of repentance. Even with legislative victories, the insatiable hunger for meaning persists.

Rhetoric does not satisfy the soul. New laws will not feed people who are starving for purpose. Only Jesus does. Two thousand years ago He proclaimed that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God (Matt: 4:4).

Are you hungry? broken? dispossed? searching for meaning? purpose? … Do you thirst for truth? God wants to speak to you straight from His heart. After hope and reason have failed, faith conquers.

Wellington Boone, from his book Breaking Through: Taking the Kingdom into the Culture by Out-Serving Others

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