Hot Lava Gameplay Trailer Is Rad

Remember when you were a kid? Wait… you’re still a kid?! Oh, good for you! I’m not but I digress. When I was a kid there was a fun game we used to play called, “Don’t touch the floor it’s hot lava!” You played too? Incredible!

Now we have video games that can replace what we actually did in real life… you know, so we don’t have to move and can be as fat and lazy as we like. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Check out this Hot Lava gameplay trailer. I wants it!

Are your favorite videogame characters on the list?

Collage of favorite videogame characters

The MightyMagikarp over at Game Informer has started an interesting series on videogame characters. Sure, we all have our favorites. Did yours make the list? Did MightyMagikarp rank yours too high or two low?

For now, we just have #30 through #21 of his favorite protagonists (big word for leading character) as he’s gonna milk this for clickshare but he does a nice job of it. These are characters with character.

Check for yourself!

» My Top 30 Favorite Gaming Protagonists (#30-21)

Jack White & the Church

Photo of Jack White
Whatever you say about Jack White, you can’t see he doesn’t chart his own course.

Interesting blog post called What Jack White Can Teach the Church. Coming from someone inside a church, I tend to agree. (via Thunderstruck)

My favorite part:

Jack White, however, shows that to give up on the tradition would be every bit the mistake it would be to go chasing after whatever the culture tells us they want.

Which consistently brings me back to this wise axiom from Bob Russell, “Maintain the message, modify the method.”

Keep on, keepin’ on.

The History of Quake

Quake was the game that started it all! The first truly competitive multi-player, first-person video game was Quake.

And here’s the video that tells the story, the History of Quake.

There are so many games now that learned a lot from what id created, first with Doom and then improved with Quake. Without it, there wouldn’t likely be any Call of Duty, Halo or the rest. Enjoy!