Nutty Buddy Delivers the Goods

Sometimes the best comedy is when people aren’t trying. Make sure you watch the video for the “Nutty Buddy, a revolutionary athletic cup designed by a pro baseball player for superior protection of your most valuable assets.” [via Coudal]

9/11 Response Shows Country's Downward Turn

Passing through the 5-year anniversary of 9/11 last week, I thought I’d hold off posting and let everything I experienced soak in. I watched a couple shows that night; listened to commentators talk about the tragic event; read articles online concerning the terror those in NYC felt that day. After consuming those messages, I think America is on the downside of our epic curve. Let me explain…

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Neil Peart in 3D

As I’ve stated previously, Rush is the great rock band of all time. No other band comes close to the inventiveness, progression and musicianship. Sure, they don’t have any “hits” like Brown Sugar, but true music strikes at a much deeper chord.

So when I got this link from my brother Andrew, I thought, no way does this guy does Neil Peart justice. Simply said, I was wrong. “A Digital Man” is an animated video by Bobby Standridge and now my favorite animated music video of all-time.

Animator vs Animation: Story of Life

As a Flash animator, I really appreciate the amount of time Alan Becker must have put in on this little movie. Plus, it’s a great concept. Don’t we many times battle God? Then again, I don’t think He’s out to blast us to smithereens. Check it out!

Bellagio Fountains on Coke

I’m sure many of you have already witnessed the greatness that is the Mentos/Diet Coke Fountain exhibit. For a little behind the scenes info, head over to c|net for their video interview with co-creator Stephen Voltz.

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it could produce that much force. Kinda scary thinking that we eat and drink these ingredients. What’s next? Sour Gummy Bears in Buffalo Wing Sauce?