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Good design, bad design, either can help us learn.

Incredible Images

I don’t have much love for Time magazine, but I can say this for them, they sure do use their position to bring the attention of millions to some amazing photographs. Among many you can see on their site, is this famous shot by Michael Yon. [via Not Exactly Rocket Science]

There are even more fantastic images located here.

Color Palette Generator is Fabulous

You wanna see something cool? I thought you did. Here’s a Web site called the Color Palette Generator that takes a single image can pulls out a group of colors that work well together. Let’s just see it in action. Here’s photo I found on the Web and the site’s results. Suh-weet!

Now, to be fair, it doesn’t work with every image. I tried to use a screenshot of my Flash banner, and got back no results. Oh well, it’s free so bookmark this puppy.


Why does it seem that the best designers in the world hail from Europe? Sure the Like-a-Bike is extremely expensive, but it’s designed to size up as the child grows. Smart and stylish!

Wonders of Our World

Sometimes I just spend time browsing some of the amazing photos on Flickr. What started out as regular shots by regular people is now showcases briliant photographs by regular people. Take this incredible photo, for instance.

You Are Art

In case you didn’t know this, you are a work of art. Every human being created is a collage of characteristics; a unique set of behavior tendancies and dispositions. Now you and your friends can visualize your very nature. Starting at only $390, they haven’t priced out the common man. I love it.

iPod Nano Styles

Have you seen one of these new iPod Nano’s yet? Simple, elegant and stylish. Gotta give respect to those Cupertino designers. Now, if only Apple started making cell phones… no wait, they do!

Pixar Creates Excellence

Here we are at the 10th anniversay of their first release—Toy Story. Pixar’s first release was an instant classic.

What makes them different is that more than any other company today, Pixar produces excellence. To be fair, “producing” is hardly the most appropriate term. Crafting, designing, testing, brainstorming, or even playing all come closer to what Pixar does.

More dominating than Tiger on the links or Federer on the courts, Pixar’s movies own the theaters. Each of the six films have been huge successes, both in the box office and in the realm of public opinion. Could all of this be possible within the confines of the standard bureaucracy? Big business could learn a thing or two from these guys.

If there ever was a dream job for creative types, I’m sure Pixar tops that list. Here’s looking forward to Pixar’s next ten!

Update: Looks like Disney is going on without Pixar with Toy Story 3. Be warned, it’s likely that Toy Story 3 Will Probably Be Really Crappy.

Saturn Sky

In keeping with my current preoccupation with new cars, I present the Saturn Sky. A car that could potentially convince me to buy American.

2006 Civic Is Stylin’

I’m proud to say I drive a 1994 Civic. It’s been paid off for 6 years and still going strong, so I’m a big Honda fan.

The design of the new 2006 Civic Coupe is tempting though. Are you like me? Do you ever wonder if you’ve ever really grown up?

TV Style for Rich and Famous

My brother Matthew sent me a link to Hannspree. These people make the most inventive televisions I’ve ever seen. Might be tough to actually get your hands on one, but how cool are some of these designs? Too bad the people actually creating the television shows aren’t this creative.

PS: Their Web site rocks.

Monitor Envy

The other day I was over at my folks house. They were kind enough to watch our boys while my wife and I were out celebrating our wedding anniversary.

Anyway, before we left I remember hearing my brother say that Dad got a new Apple monitor. I was completely unprepared for what I was about to encounter.

Oh… my… gosh. It was gorgeous. I rarely say anything so complimentary about anything other than cars or women, and that only when my wife’s not present (just kidding honey!) but when I saw this sweet delicious thing of pure beauty, I was speechless. (I was this close to passing out.)

Just look at it. Mind you, this picture doesn’t do it justice.

Immediately I became Gollum. “Must have… pretty pretty… my precious…”

Since returning home the image of that glorious face still haunts me. But I’m thinking, surely I could find something a little less expensive that’s still nice, right?

My first stop for technology research is always CNET. Today however, I’ve discovered a nasty little surprise. CNET only reviews “select” manufacturers. Now, I didn’t necessarily expect them to review Apple stuff, but where’s the LG and Princeton stuff? I think I smell a rat.

This only comes up because my gaming mag gave this LG Flatron L1980Q 4.5 stars. And, it’s more than $200 less than the Apple. But when I check the stats it’s not a far fight. The Apple is a 20″ and wide-screen, has a higher resolution and knock-dead, smokin’ hot.

But what about the Samsung 21.3″ LCD? It’s a bit larger, better res, looks decent and it’s even cheaper. Plus I’ve been hearing great things about Samsung. Then again, it doesn’t have the style of the Apple. That dreamy aluminum enclosure… those smooth, rounded curves… the advanced hinge technology… oh my gosh I must have one!

Just look at the Samsung monitor. Yes, the Apple is a “display” while the rest are mere monitors.

Having this thing would be like dating your cousin when you could be out Miss Teen USA!

So bear with me while I struggle with my inner lust. Damn those designers at Apple. Why do they ahve to make everything so darn beautiful? *sob* *sob*

Chart of Military Ranks/Insignias

I’ve been meaning to do this for some time, but just haven’t gotten around to it. After reading Heinlein’s Starship Troopers and Clancy’s Red Storm Rising [archive], I wanted to better understand how military ranks worked. Being the visual kind of guy that I am, I went searching for pictures. Then, just to organize things a bit, I built my own. (Yes, I’m a bit obsessive.)

Chart of Military Ranks/Insignias

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