Greatest of All Time, Not Michael Jordan?!?

Greatest of All Time NBA

Greatest of all time? With LeBron on the rise, this discussion is a weekly debate on ESPN and just about everywhere else.

Just finished reading a great piece by Ben Hinson. Stat geek (like myself) Hinson broke down all the stats of the great NBA players of all time to see if Michael Jordan really was the best. According to the numbers, it wasn’t MJ.

So who is the Greatest of All Time? I won’t spoil it because it’s a must read for all hard-core NBA fans.

The G.O.A.T: Who is the Best Basketball Player of all Time (mid 70s — early 00s)?

Does Science Argue for or against God?

As it the case in most professions, there are great ones, average ones and poor ones. This is true in the scientific community as well.

The poor ones today ignore the facts in order to promote a particular viewpoint. I really shouldn’t say “today” because these kind of people have been misleading people for centuries.

Does science argue for or against God?
If you’re honest, they answer that science argues for God.

Videogame House in Real Life

Satellite photo of Videogame House in Real Life
They just don’t make ’em like these any more…

I absolutely love architecture. The more unique the better. BUT! It must still make sense, be logical in some respect.

With that in mind, checkout this Videogame House in Real Life. Can you guess where it is? No worries, I’ll tell you!

It’s in Miami, Florida. How many of you guess that? Very few if you’re telling the truth.

Even better, here’s the link to view Chateau Artisan in Bird’s Eye mode on Bing. Crazy, right? Looks like something straight out The Witness.