21st Century Paladin’s Dojo Info – 3/1/13

Google is becoming increasingly involved in products/services outside their starting point. I guess that’s what having massive amounts of capital will do.
  1. Google’s project X: Search giant hints at ‘unbreakable’ superphone and tablet with longer lasting battery
    Sounds to me like Google is listening.
  2. Conn. couple named ‘longest married’ in US
    Gotta applaud the effort there. Great job Mr. and Mrs. Betar!
  3. Jessica Cox was born without arms, but never let that get in the way of her dreams
    The right attitude means EVERYTHING. How inspirational! Love stories like these.
  4. The blind may soon see again as science prepares to market high-tech cyborg eye
    Love that tech is being used for more than just entertainment. Hope the company responsible thrives!
  5. Twitter and Amex to let you pay with a hashtag
    Have we found a new currency?

Paladin is an Internet-veteran turned tech-savvy Realtor. Follow him on Google+ or Twitter.

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