Welcome to the Dojo 9/12/11

Never need to retune your guitar again with Evertune. Yeah, that sounds like a commerical but I don’t care… how cool is that?
  1. Evertune
    Keep your guitar in tune forever. Yes please! Invention of the Year Award too.
  2. Florida Man Sets Blood Donor Record
    A simple idea combined with dedication has likely made the difference in hundreds, if not thousands of lives. John Sheppard is a hero!
  3. He saves comrades, gets medal, shrugs
    A story like this doesn’t get enough run. Instead we idolize self-centered sycophants. I wish more people were like Matt Blain. Perhaps we’ll send all of our kids through the military whether they want to or not.
  4. Man Makes Movie Magic with Trees and Trash Cans
    Dude certainly has a knack with realistic sound effects.
  5. Tiny Oxygen Generators Boost Effectiveness of Anticancer Treatment
    Pure oxygen. Even a non-scientist like myself undertands why it would help. Won’t be long until we all sleep in oxygen tents. Bank on it.
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