Welcome to the Dojo 1/13/11

She watches faithfully, if not with joy.
  1. Nuns and NCAA Hoops
    Interesting read. So morality does matter?
  2. This Is Your Brain On Video Games
    Uh… isn’t any time that you’re focusing on one thing that everything else becomes, what was I talking about again?
  3. Change we can believe in
    Great story by Rick Reilly (who I normally don’t care for) about how very broken the college football BCS truly is. Only problem is that he’s putting his trust in Obama to fix it. Uh huh.
  4. Everything you need to know about the Verizon iPhone (FAQ)
    Everything?!? Liars! I just wanted to know if the Verizon iPhone made my kids like me more…
  5. Why Birds Sing
    Easy… God made them that way.
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