Dojo Info 9/25/09

  1. Flu me once, shame on you
    What to do if the flu comes for you.
  2. The Cliq: Motorola’s first Android phone
    Looks like T-Mobile is backing Andriod to AT&T’s iPhone.
  3. The NFL enters The Tyson Zone
    The NFL is a circus. These people are so far from normal it’s like someone thinking that Keanu Reeves can act. What a joke! As always, Simmons column is a laugh riot.
  4. Microsoft hopes to turn it around with Zune HD
    Microsoft keeps selling, but people ain’t buying it.
  5. Half-Life 2 Mod Is All “Pew Pew Pew”
    Ha! I almost forget what it’s like to be so bored that you’d undertake the task of swapping out all the sounds in a video game with your own personal sound effects. Hilarious.

Dojo Info 9/10/09

  1. The Death Book for Veterans
    So one way the Obama Administration believes it can solve the healthcare process is by “encouraging” veterans to sign a Do Not Resuscitate order. Funny. Veterans are typically Conservative voters, right? Hmm….
  2. Get a new PlayStation 3 Slim for $199.99
    Holy price drops Batman!
  3. T-Mobile unveils pay-as-you-go Android phone
    Android is starting to draw me in. How much longer can I hold out before punching my ticket?
  4. Hands on with The Beatles: Rock Band
    As much as I love RB, I never could get into the Beatles. To me, they’re the most overrated band of all time.
  5. Wozniacki to meet Wickmayer in semis
    Melanie Oudin went farther than anyone thought. I hope this means the U.S. Women will be getting another title contender.

Switchfoot's New Single 'Mess of Me'

I listened to The Legend of Chin back in the late 90’s and said, “I’ll pass.” but then bought New Way to Be Human a few years later. It’s good but not great.

Since that time, Switchfoot has grown to be one of my favorite bands. Their lyrics make you think and come from many angles. Their songwriting has gotten better and better. I love almost every song on Nothing Is Sound. So you better believe I’m going to buy Hello Hurricane when it comes out on November 3rd.

Hero Saves Busload of Kids at Gunpoint

A Mississippi football player tackle’s a gun-toting high school girl to prevent her from shooting anyone. So what is it that this boy’s Mom is most worried about?

“When he tackled her to get the gun he could’ve got shot you know — she could’ve shot him. … His career could’ve been ruined for the rest of his life,” Ora Eulls told HLN’s Mike Galanos.

What about his life? There are worse things than losing one’s career. Anyone else find this strange?

Dojo Info 9/3/09

The Overlord dictates what you can and can not tweet.
  1. NFL bans tweeting before, during, after games
    Beware the Overlord! Why don’t they just take it up on a case-by-case basis?
  2. GoogleVoice for military families
    I keep hearing good stuff about this. I need to check it out.
  3. Old Dude Gives Move On The Finger, … Literally!
    I can’t believe the media hasn’t made this a bigger story. This is insane!!
  4. Camelot Was A Liberal Delusion
    The revisionist historians started before the time of death was even called. Ted Kennedy was certainly a politician but to somehow manufacture that he was a good politician is a farse.
  5. Al Qaeda Tells Obama He’s Going to Hell
    They might actually have this one right.
  6. Boycotting the Boycotters
    “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” (via Thunderstruck)