Former Eagle Working to Help Blacks in Philly

I know I post a lot of negative news on here. I’m honestly trying to post less but it just seems the world around us is just so screwed up. So anyway, here’s a positive piece of news from the FRC about a former NFL player working to improve things in his hometown of Philly.

Rev. Herb Lusk is a big man with an even bigger heart. The former Philadelphia Eagle has spent his retirement from football transforming Pennsylvania-and the nation-for Christ. As pastor of Greater Exodus Baptist Church, Herb has been a tremendous friend to me and a powerful ally in the movement for faith, family, and freedom. This week, he and his People for People organization are taking that outreach to a new level by opening the Hope Center for pregnant women.

In a city where half of all black babies are aborted, Herb is praying his clinic will empower women to make positive decisions about their pregnancies. “When I began to consider that the African-American population alone has declined in the past three years across the nation, I realized that we’re not procreating our own race; and that is a direct result of abortion…”

Just minutes from the local Planned Parenthood clinic, Hope Center offers pregnant women something the abortion industry does not-the truth. With free counseling, resources, and parenting classes, the Hope Center will give women the support they need to make an informed decision. While Americans are bracing for the most pro-abortion president in history, Herb is committed to changing hearts where it matters most-at the local level. Rev. Lusk’s work is an important reminder to us all that no matter who is in the White House, the efforts to protect the unborn go on. Congratulations, Herb, for inspiring all of us to keep hope alive.

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