Dojo Info 11/18/08 (Part II)

  1. Ace Gordon Survivor Gabon Arrested
    Doesn’t surprise me in the least. His arrogance was as obvious as a Katie Couric’s political views.
  2. Shocking Video: How Obama Got Elected, UPDATE: Former Louisvillian Produced Video
    Not sure I’d call it “shocking” but certainly it’s telling. Our citizenry is tediously ignorant. How’s that for a T-shirt slogan?
  3. What Church Will President Obama Attend?
    Given that America is becoming increasingly anti-pretty-much-everything, why should he attend any religious service? Maybe he should create his own religion? Oh wait, he already has.
  4. Chipmunk version of “Enter Sandman”
    Ha! Those crazy chipmunks are everywhere. [via Virtual Hobby Store]
  5. Someone NOT Looking For A Bailout
    Isn’t it amazing how rare it is to see someone in a leadership position displaying strong, moral behavior? Well, maybe he’s just “saying” it now but when the time comes he’ll take the cash anyway.
  6. Gay marriage protest madness in California
    Madness is right… it’s borderline mob-like. Freedom of expression is one thing but these groups are taking it two steps further.

Dojo Info 11/18/08

  1. The Billion-Dollar Batman
    Woozers… that’s a lot of clams Batman.
  2. “Liberal Fascism” – The end of freedom and prosperity
    I’ve always that thought for some, politics is their religion. After this election, that seems more clear than ever.
  3. The Killers Three-Pack also Coming to Rock Band on Nov. 25
    The Rock Band downloadable pack will feature “Spaceman” (a new single from Day & Age), “Smile Like You Mean It,” and “Mr. Brightside.” Suh-weet!
  4. More Details About Konami’s Guitar Hero Arcade Game
    Where’s the anti-bacterial gel dispenser?!?
  5. NPD: Behind The Numbers, October 2008
    Looks like GH:WT isn’t going to catch up with Rock Band, at least not for the foreseeable future.