Top 10 Dunks of All Time

A couple of qualifiers. I didn’t include dunk contests (sorry Spud), or chinese gymnasts jumping off trampolines (although that was insane). I’m just looking at in-game, hyper-amped throw-downs. That’s just how I roll.

#10: Vicious dunk by T-Mac. He knew contact was coming and he just didn’t care. He’s lucky Bradley’s pointy elbow didn’t jab him in the gut.

#9: You gotta throw in this crazy 720 by Taurian Fontenette just because it’s so freaky looking. Sure the defense was AWOL but this thing is mightahfahn.

#8: Don’t forget, Iverson is less than 6 feet tall. Dude timed it perfectly.

#7: Michael Jordan had so many acrobatic dunks it’s tough to pick just one, so with this clip, you don’t have to. If I had to pick just one, it’s #2 where he totally surprises two guys than throws it down in Ewing’s face.

#6: The Human Highlight Reel invented the monster slam. There are 10 freaky nasty dunks in this clip. My favorite is #6 where he jump stops between two defenders then dunks over the remaining three.

#5: “Dirk Minnifield was looking down at the hoop…” That’s just cool. Probably ranking this a bit high, but he’s a Kentucky boy.

#4: Vince Carter is truly epic. His capacity to dunk is even greater than my capacity to sleep. Seriously. It’s ridiculous that he was able to pull #7 off when defenders standing there. A reverse-spin, one-handed 360 during a game?!?

#3: I can’t believe he just did that?!?! I can’t freakin’ believe he pulled it off. LOL!

#2: Keep in mind that KJ is only like 6’1″ and Hakeem is arguably one of the greatest defenders in the history of the NBA. This was playoff time too!

#1: I don’t know how you can get better than this. I really don’t. Vince is basically Superman.

There you have it. If you want more, check out another nice Top 10 list. Tell your friends!

Update: Maybe not Top 10, but deserves to be in the discussion is this Baron Davis throw down.

Update 2: Oh… my… goodness… Willie Warren practically jumps over a guy on this one. It’s gotta be in the discussion now. Should I revise my rankings? ;^)

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