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  1. TV Links
    Watch TV streaming free on the Net. Hurry, might not last long. [via Dean’s World]
  2. Survivor Fiji: Survivor Contestant Quits Night Before Filming
    What a quitting quitter!
  3. Our Obama is an Awesome Obama
    Interesting take on Obamamania whose epicenter is the MSM.
  4. Arctic Beauty Forced To Relinquish Her Crown
    It’s just a shame what some bears will do these days to get extra attention.
  5. How Democrats Can Lead Again
    We were just talking about this today. The Dems need ideas. If JFK were alive today, the Democratic party would call push him out.
  6. Bono moves in mysterious ways at U2-charist
    Interesting idea. To see someone that society considers “cool” be God-focused is encouraging.
  7. Why Do They Hate Us?
    Precise and accurate. [via Kadnine]
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