Top 10 Dunks of All Time

A couple of qualifiers. I didn’t include dunk contests (sorry Spud), or chinese gymnasts jumping off trampolines (although that was insane). I’m just looking at in-game, hyper-amped throw-downs. That’s just how I roll.

#10: Vicious dunk by T-Mac. He knew contact was coming and he just didn’t care. He’s lucky Bradley’s pointy elbow didn’t jab him in the gut.

#9: You gotta throw in this crazy 720 by Taurian Fontenette just because it’s so freaky looking. Sure the defense was AWOL but this thing is mightahfahn.

#8: Don’t forget, Iverson is less than 6 feet tall. Dude timed it perfectly.

#7: Michael Jordan had so many acrobatic dunks it’s tough to pick just one, so with this clip, you don’t have to. If I had to pick just one, it’s #2 where he totally surprises two guys than throws it down in Ewing’s face.

#6: The Human Highlight Reel invented the monster slam. There are 10 freaky nasty dunks in this clip. My favorite is #6 where he jump stops between two defenders then dunks over the remaining three.

#5: “Dirk Minnifield was looking down at the hoop…” That’s just cool. Probably ranking this a bit high, but he’s a Kentucky boy.

#4: Vince Carter is truly epic. His capacity to dunk is even greater than my capacity to sleep. Seriously. It’s ridiculous that he was able to pull #7 off when defenders standing there. A reverse-spin, one-handed 360 during a game?!?

#3: I can’t believe he just did that?!?! I can’t freakin’ believe he pulled it off. LOL!

#2: Keep in mind that KJ is only like 6’1″ and Hakeem is arguably one of the greatest defenders in the history of the NBA. This was playoff time too!

#1: I don’t know how you can get better than this. I really don’t. Vince is basically Superman.

There you have it. If you want more, check out another nice Top 10 list. Tell your friends!

Update: Maybe not Top 10, but deserves to be in the discussion is this Baron Davis throw down.

Update 2: Oh… my… goodness… Willie Warren practically jumps over a guy on this one. It’s gotta be in the discussion now. Should I revise my rankings? ;^)

9 thoughts on “Top 10 Dunks of All Time

  1. Jonathan

    Very nice…I’m still smiling!

    But, did you have to show Dirk Minnifield at Mississippi State’s expense!?!

  2. Kadnine

    You know it’s become a sport of savants when you read a line like, “Keep in mind that KJ is only like 6′1″…”

    Only? Only!? Triple digit game scores suggest that the “4-point shot line” is not long in coming.

    Nice collection, P. Thanks.


  3. Paladin Post author

    Yeah, I hear you. It’s just KJ is a Lil Guy like me and on that play, he would not be denied. He just will it to happen. Not sure, but it seems like it was at an important point of an important game too. Not sure if his team won or not.

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  7. Chadillac

    Did anyone happen to notice that when Jordan was dunking on the Hornets, there wasn’t a single black player on their team. Was the GM a bigot? I remember Kelly Tripuka, Rex Chapman and Rambis being on that team. Maybe there was 1 black dude. Good Montage Tre! Kevin Johnson had some cajones. Minnifield does totally show your bias towards UK though. Where’s the Rex Chapman highlights? ;-D Go Billy G.

  8. Paladin Post author

    Rex just wasn’t as nasty as so many of us remember him to be. Otherwise, where are the vids?

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