Dojo Info 1/9/07

  1. Hybrid Tech To Speed Laptop Boots
    That’s using your melon. Now let’s see what you can do about all that dust that magically appears on my monitor 27 seconds after I clean it.
  2. British Teen Sails Across Ocean Alone
    I expected him to be 18 or 19, but get this… he’s 14!! Amazing. Wonder who his cell phone company was.
  3. Build your own bot, courtesy of iRobot
    In the not-so-distant future, every family will have multiple robots doing chores and assorted tasks for them. Some already do.
  4. Van Halen leads charge into Rock Hall
    It’s a shame that bands are often known for their “pop” hits as Van Halen’s Jump and Dreams are some of their worst songs.
  5. New device will send Web videos to TV
    It was inevitable. Getting closer to the Watch Whatever You Want on Your TV world.